We Believe In:
• An interdisciplinary team approach
• Practical application of evidence-based practice
• Creating a culture of excellence and professional integrity

Do You Need/We Can Provide

  • A fresh look at your NICU Processes
  • Onsite and web-based Training/Education/Speaking Engagements for the NICU on a variety of clinical, quality and leadership topics

    • Neurodevelopmental Care
      • Neurodevelopment
      • Neuroprotection
      • Sensory system development
      • Limbic system
      • Positioning, handling, & caregiving
    • Nutritional strategies for the preterm infant
      • Prevention of Growth failure
      • Optimizing use of mother’s own milk
      • Cue-based feeding
    • Professional Development
      • Team-based care
      • Primary nursing model
      • Leadership, Accountability, Just Culture
      • Quality improvement tools and methods
    • Prevention of Chronic Lung Disease
    • Small baby care overview
    • Thermoregulation
    • Skin to skin holding
    • Family centered care
    • NAS
    • And more – Contact Us with specific requests
  • Quality Improvement Coaching

    • Onsite assessment of the NICU environment, leadership and unit culture
    • QI structure and opportunities
    • QI process identification, design, tool development and monitoring
  • Onsite Program Development

    •  – Why have a Small Baby Program
    • Implementing a unique interdisciplinary team-based program
    • Partnering with the local team to support leadership and ownership of the project
    • Partnering to improve reliability and quality in achieving your goals via assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of evidenced-based standards
  • Continuing Education Provider

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”
– John Wooden

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