Available Lectures

Small Baby Data and Outcomes
Pre-feeding Strategies
Apnea of Prematurity
Neurodevelopmental Risks & Outcomes
Thermoregulation in the Premature Neonate
Prevention of Growth Failure
Maternal Role Attainment
Continuity of Care in the NICU
Infant Directed Feeding
Neurosensory Development
Neuroprotection & Injury Prevention
Effects of Stress & Pain on the Developing Brain
Non-Pharmacologic Stress & Pain Relief
Resuscitation Golden Hour Stabilization
Prevention of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Teamwork and Communication
Life after the NICU…A Lifetime Ahead
Positioning for Best Outcomes
Kangaroo Care
Skin Care for ELBW Neonates
Benefits of Human Milk
Mechanical Ventilatory Modalities
Quality & Process Improvement
Family Partnered Care
Supporting Microbiome Development

Available Bundle Lectures

Neurodevelopmental Protection & Management Bundle
Pharmacotherapy Bundle
Foundations in NICU Care Bundle
Infection Prevention in the Premature Neonate Bundle
Nutritional Management Bundle
Family Integrated Care Bundle
Golden Hour Bundle
Cardiopulmonary Management Bundle