AOTA Post Test

1. What percentage of neonates born preterm are due to multiple pregnancy?
2. Repeated exposure to pain and stress triggers a neuroendocrine system response and a rise in which stress hormone which suppresses inflammatory and immune responses?
3. A 23-week neonate has developed pulmonary interstitial emphysema (PIE). An optimal ventilation mode might include which type of ventilator?
4. Empiric antibiotic administration for the ELBW neonate should be limited to how many hours if blood cultures remain negative?
5. The primary cause of transepidermal water loss in the ELBW neonate is the skin’s:
6. In the ELBW neonate, an effective strategy to maintain Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) is the administration of:
7. Which is the most common type of ventilator induced trauma in the ELBW neonate?
8. One of the most common nephrotoxic drug classes received by the preterm neonate is:
9. A key component and characteristic of high-performing teams include a:
10. Use of polyethylene wrap in the delivery room helps decrease the incidence of which mechanism of heat loss?
11. One of the most common diagnoses widely experienced by the extremely low birth weight neonate is:
12. A recommended delivery room practice for the ELBW neonate to improve hemodynamic stability is:
13. What mode of ventilation potentially reduces large tidal volumes and time on mechanical ventilation in the ELBW neonate?
14. Which is one of the most significant risk factors for the development of ROP in the preterm neonate?
15. A common finding on the chest x-ray of an ELBW neonate with a hemodynamically significant PDA is:
16. A symptom of possible sepsis more common in the ELBW neonate compared to the term neonate is:
17. What is recommended initial respiratory support for the ELBW neonate in the delivery room?
18. One of the most impactful care practices to reduce the risk of Retinopathy of Prematurity is:
19. Ideally, it is recommended that enteral feedings begin within the first how many hours of life?
20. Maternal antenatal steroid administration is recommended to reduce which of the following neonatal morbidities?
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